DRBD for your Cloud

Storage for cloud environments

Storage is one of the critical parts of any cloud environment. It should be easy to provision, fully accessible and reliable as possible. The question is how do you do it without going broke?

Commodity hardware

The answer; use commodity hardware with Open Source software to turn it into an affordable distributed network storage. With DRBD SDS you get highly available block storage for VMs and containers in your IaaS or PaaS system.

Enterprise virtualization

From the storage's point of view an enterprise virtualization system has the same requirements as a cloud environment. The provided storage needs to tolerate hardware failures.

Supported Projects


A Cinder driver for DRBD SDS ships with OpenStack since "Liberty" (October 2015). Learn more →


An image driver for OpenNebula is available and intended for upstream merge. Learn more →

Proxmox VE

A driver for DRBD SDS ships with Proxmox VE since its 4.0 release. Learn more →


A driver for oVirt/RHEV is in planning stage.


Virtual pools

Virtual pools are defined in the driver/connector configuration. Configurable properties are; replica count or fixed storage host assignment. Example names: drbd_ssd_3_replicas, drbd_hd_alice_bob.

Logical volumes

Management operations on logical volumes like creating, deleting, snapshotting and resizing are available from the cloud software's GUI.

Node Management & Tuning

The cloud software is not aware that the storage system contains multiple nodes. Therefore node management like adding nodes and removing nodes has to be performed with the DRBD Manage CLI tool. Also DRBD fine tuning is done using the DRBD Manage CLI.

OpenStack Driver Road Map


Align Cinder and Nova

Benefit: In a hyper-converged architecture get read performance of local storage and lowest possible overhead for write accesses by aligning Cinder and Nova allocations.

Planned/In development
Release: ?? 2016


Nova driver

Benefit: Replace iSCSI between Nova node and Cinder nodes with DRBD's native protocol: Improve storage write performance; enable read-balancing; faster and seamless failover.

Planned, in development
Release: "Mitaka" April 2016


Cinder Driver

Benefit: Highly available storage volumes can be created via the Horizon dashboard and the cinder APIs. Snapshots supported. Replica count in cinder configuration visible as "pools".

Release: "Liberty" October 2015