You can connect to other users of DRBD on the user mailing list. It is archived by pipermail, and gossamer-threads. There is also an IRC channel called #drbd on freenode.


New releases are posted to the users mailing list and to the announcement mailing list. It is archived by pipermail, gossamer-threads.


For patches and discussion about the code please post to the development mailing list. It is archived by pipermail,

Source code repositories

You can find all our git source code repositories on

Binary Packages

Ubuntu LTS

In this PPA you will find the complete stack for ubuntu.

RHEL, SLES, Ubuntu LTS, Debian, Oracle Linux

For enterprise distributions LINBIT offers certified binary packages as part of its support subscriptions to its customers.

CentOS, Fedora, openSUSE

You will be able to find various repositories on the internet carrying packages for those distributions.



The DRBD kernel drivers, the DRBD utils and DRBD Manage are licensed by the terms of the GPLv2 for anyone who agrees to the terms of the license.

LINBIT Proprietary

The DRBD RDMA Transport and the DRBD Proxy are licensed to customers for a license fee.

The Linux Support Ecosystem

LINBIT has a Single-Vendor Commercial Open Source business model, I.e. it relies on selling support subscriptions for the Open Source software it produces. Unfortunately There are a few players who offer support services for DRBD as well, without contributing to DRBD's development. We develop our proprietary add ons as a way of facilitating the continued development of DRBD