DRBD - World's Fastest SDS

Software Defined Storage for Block I/O

Cloud Ready

Storage is one of the most critical components in any cloud environment. It has to be easy to provision, highly reliable, cost effective and ideally running on commodity hardware.

DRBD9 is in OpenStack, so it integrates seamlessly with your Private Cloud Environment and runs on commodity hardware, other cloud OSs and virtualization platforms.

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High Availability

The principal goal of a high availability solution is to minimize or mitigate the impact of downtime.

DRBD seamlessly replicates data, transparent to your applications and databases. Service is recovered within seconds when used in combination with Pacemaker.

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Disaster Recovery

The principal goal of disaster recovery is to restore your systems and data to a previous state in the event of a failure or loss of a location.

DRBD can mirror data asynchronously over long distances, forming an important building block of your disaster recovery plan. Geo-Clustering with automatic fail-over is possible.

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DRBD Components


Created by LINBIT, the DRBD Linux kernel driver and its utilities form the foundation of the DRBD SDS. Being kernel based allows for a high performance data path. It can be used with DRBD Manage, DRBD Proxy or on its own. Learn more →

DRBD Manage

DRBD Manage manages configurations for the lower levels of the DRBD SDS system. It allocates storage on nodes to fulfill requests for new volumes. It takes snapshots, resizes and removes volumes. Learn more →